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Charity Tuesday

Charity Tuesday

There are 165,000 registered charities in England and Wales, this doesn’t include 24,316 registered Schools ( figures as of Jan 2018 ), all of which needs our support when it comes to fundraising, we fully understand that not all families have much disposable income to support all the great charities and schools, but you can still help in a few simple ways.

With Recycle Your Tec we support individuals looking to recycle used technology, be it coming from a school, business, charity and turning them into cash donations quickly, while removing and destroying all data on your technology to comply with data protection, GDPR and environmental regulations, 100% of the items value will be donated back to your business, school or charity to support a fantastic causes.

So you could empty out that top draw full of old technology, or even an old TV you’ve been meaning to take to the recycling center and give them to your local School or Chosen charity and Recycle Your Tec will turn these into cash donations for you.

Maybe your a business looking to recycle it’s used desktops and TV’s, we will also recycle these items for you, while making a donation back to the business, be assured that all items are given a new home in Africa, Asia and less fortunate countries with our New Lease Of Life Scheme

All this done in three simple steps.

Three steps

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