Introduction To Recycle Your Tec

Introduction To Recycle Your Tec

Who We Are

Recycle Your Tec is an IT and consumer electronics recycler.

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Our aim is to support business, schools and charities to provide value for unwanted items, such as Laptops, PC’s, TV’s and other general household appliances.

What We Do

We run a New Lease Of Life Scheme, where the recycled items are sent to parts of Africa, Asia, The Middle East and Europe for a second home, also this allows us via our partners there to provide funds back to the business, school or charity and use as they wish.

Why Use RYT

Unlike most recyclers who provide no value for these item and in some cases, ask you to pay to dispose of them, if a item has some value we will ensure this is given back to you in full, if the item(s) are not reusable, they will be recycled for parts when repairing a similar item.

So we can not only save you money but provide funding too.

What Can You Recycle

We’re happy to accept anything that you are looking to recycle from your Schools, Businesses or Charities, below is a just an example of what we accept, if you don’t see below what your looking to recycle, then contact us, we’ve got you covered.

Items paid for:

Desktop / PC’s



All In One PC’s

Mobile Phones



Free recycled items ( when collected with one of the above)

Please be aware that if any of the items listed below have a value with our team out in Africa we will provide funds back to you.

Keyboards & Mouse






DVD / Blu Ray players

Sounds systems

Any other household electrical items

Is my Data Safe ?

100%, your security is our number one priority, We use Ministry of Defence standard programming  to wipe the data from your recycled technology, To meet our data protection commitments, we will professionally erase all devices and factory reset all phones and tablets. Our processes ensure that your personal data is removed from any device before it is recycled and given a new home.

Three steps

We pride ourselves on providing a simple yet highly effective service, in 3 simple steps.

  1. Collect up all your used technology, and Call or email your dedicated contact for a FREE no hassle, no pressure quotation.
  2. Book a convenient courier collection ( Depending on number of items for recycling ) Free postage service available too.
  3. Await for your payment.

It’s that simple, by recycling these items not only do you give them a second home and those less fortunate an opportunity to enjoy a laptop or TV, but it’s good for our environment too, keeping toxic waste out of our landfills.

Better still, your business can make some money which can be put towards next year’s budget or help with buying replacement stock, gone are the days of just giving items away and making do with what your budget allows, upgrade to better technology and help do some real good to people who are in a less fortunate situation than us.

Please feel free to contact Gary Ward on and on 01440 784570.