Recycling With Us

Laptops are becoming more and more important in our everyday lives. From business to personal, we need them for a variety of tasks. Majority of us treat our laptops like we treat our cars, we repair when it gets damaged or we just dispose of it the first sign of trouble and get a new one.

Either way, at some point you’ll end up getting rid of one computer and buying another. Every 3-5 years, a new generation of laptops emerges that is lighter, more powerful, and more user-friendly but many laptops (particularly high-end models) retain their value fairly well.


Laptops that are in good condition, without any scratches or other cosmetic damage, generally have the highest value. However, even older, worn out laptops still have a reasonable amount of value on the used market, even if only as a source of parts. If you’ve got a laptop that’s very old or damaged, it might still be worth more than you think. Broken or damaged laptops still have value because of the parts that are used inside them, particularly CPUs and memory. So, if you’ve recently upgraded to a new laptop, you may be wondering how much your old laptop is worth. Laptops that have been well cared for can be worth a surprising amount on the used market.

Furthermore, before recycling a laptop or desktop, you should reset it to its ‘factory settings’. In theory, this leaves only the bare operating system and pre-installed programs on the device, removing access to your files and any programs you’ve added.

It’s essential to make sure you’ve backed up all the files you want before you begin this process. Store them safely on an external hard drive, your new computer, or in online cloud storage.

reset this pc


Recycling an old computer can be relatively straightforward, no matter where you’re dropping off your computer, make sure the company that is handling the recycling is reputable. If you’d like to sell an old laptop, head over to our website, or email Gary to arrange a FREE collection, We also provide FREE Data wiping ( in accordance with the new GDPR ruling )

Email to arrange your collection or be given an idea of what the items you’re looking to recycle is worth.